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As one of Whatcom and Skagit County's leading personal injury firms, we support our clients through the stressful, and often overwhelming navigation of car accident and motorcycle injury lawsuits. We understand that clients coming to us with a personal injury claim have physical and emotional trauma to bear in addition to medical expenses, loss of wages from missed work, often no vehicle, as well as the many other factors that can be a part of an auto accident lawsuit.

Regardless of whether our clients are looking to fight a ticket (including red light tickets and speeding tickets), we can advise clients on the most effective way to fight a traffic ticket and beat a ticket. We will explain all of the details of what the traffic citation includes, what needs to be done with both the court and the DMV / DOL as well as what to do after resolving the infraction to ensure a clean record is maintained.

With some of the leading criminal defense attorneys in Whatcom and Skagit Counties, the Law Offices of Ziad Youssef can provide guidance and defense in federal, civil, and domestic cases. Regardless of the charges being faced, we help out clients navigate the often scary road ahead of them so they fully understand all of their options and realize that they do in fact have options.

We are here to help you fight your DUI with the top DUI attorneys in Bellingham, Ferndale, Mt Vernon, Burlington, and all of Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Whether you are looking for a drunk driving defense attorney or just to find the lawyer cost associated with such a case, we can answer any question you may have about the DUI/DWI process.

Practice Areas/FAQ



Criminal Defense

DUI, Marijuana DUI & Felony DUI