All Auto Injury cases are now handled at Bellingham Injury Law.
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Auto-Injury cases present a very specific set of challenges to address which can make them very overwhelming for clients. The Law Offices of Ziad Youssef takes particular care to walk clients through every step of the process as there are often damaged vehicles/property, medical bills and physical pain being dealt with in addition to the case itself. Some of the factors that are taken into account in all auto-injury cases are:

  • Details about the accident (type of collision/accident, location and signage at the scene, mechanical details on the automobiles involved, what actions took place)
  • Parties & witnesses present
  • Injuries & insurance policies
  • Liability assessment
  • Negligence
  • Statute of limitations (while clients generally have 3-years to take action, it’s best to start your claim early and preserve sensitive evidence.
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