Ziad has not only helped me as a lawyer, but he has been a friend to me. He gave me helpful advice when I was struggling, and motivated me to move forward to thrive as a succesfull human. When I got accused of driving recklessly when I wasn’t guilty, he was the first person I called knowing he would be able to help. Ziad put an extremely good lawyer on my case, who was very easy to work with. And I am no longer accused of a reckless. Problems solved! I would recommend Ziad to anyone who needs a lawyer in a heart beat!

Lawyer and Friend, Clay

I got my DUI after an unfortunate personal experience, which is never an ok excuse. I had trouble with my next steps on how to proceed with my case. I have had friends that highly recommended Ziad and his team. So I turned to them and didn’t regret it. They pointed me in the right direction as far as my next steps. Gave me terrific legal council. Because each case can be different, they laid out possible outcomes. I was well represented. I would go to Ziad and his team for all future legal battles…. Thank you for your services and edforts for myself and my friends. HIRE ZIAD AND HIS GREAT TEAM! C.W.

Wonderful service, Chris

Honestly, Ziad and his team are AMAZING. Thankful is an understatement. All of the people that work in that office are kinda, compassionate and understanding. They actually care about their clients. They have worked with me, answered my questions whenever I ask, and they have made me feel reassured and comfortable. I made an honest mistake and it was completely out of character for me; I have been very stressed out and emotional through this whole process, they see that and they are working their butts off for me. I could not imagine where I would be right now without their help, honestly. I would not recommend anyone else, ever.

So appreciative of them!, Anonymous

Ziad Youssef is a needle in the haystack. A lawyer with his expertise, compassion, and responsiveness is almost impossible to find. His due diligence is unsurpassable and I know this from hiring other attorneys that were supposedly the best. I can rest assured knowing that I have Ziad on my side. When I email him he responds personally with speed, even when he is in court! If I could just list a few of his best qualities, I would start with the fact that he is genuine, confident, and yet humble. With his professional background and his notable work ethic, it just proves that he is an superior lawyer.

Ziad Youssef, Sirena

Ziad is not your normal type of lawyer. He truly cares for his clients and his community. I was in a very tough legal situation that looked like there was no hope. Ziad navigated through the legal system like a true professional and was there for every step and every question I had. He provided me with emotional support and confidence in my case. At all of my 8 court dates he handled them all as if I was his own family. He has a huge amount of integrity. The results he got for my case were better than I even thought possible. He directed me as a young adult into a possitive path. Giving me a second chance. Ziad and his team of proffesionals will give you the best legal representation possible. In my opinion he is the best lawyer in this area and I would not trust any other lawyer with my legal cases. I know for a fact no other lawyer could have done what Ziad did for me in my case because the other lawyers told me there was no hope. Ziad proved all of them wrong, I can not thank Ziad and his team enough for what they have done for me.

Ziad will give you the best legal representation in the northwest, Calvin

Ziad, Todd, and the Mytrafficman team are excellent at what they do. I was in quite a mess, with a very ugly case involving a wreck, some passengers, and a rock. Ziad’s office was fairly priced, answered all of my questions via phone, email, text, what have you, and very knowledgeable. He never sugar coated anything but was able to tell me exactly what I could expect. With his firm’s help, I had a really nasty charge reduced to a much less nasty charge, do not have to put a blow and go on my car for a year, get to keep my license, and pay fairly minimal fines with no probation, and only received a cakewalk jail alt sentence. I would definitely recommend his office to anyone who finds themselves in a mess like this.

Great Law Office, Anonymous

Mr. Youssef and his entire staff were professional, courteous and compassionate at all times in dealing with my son’s case. He kept family members appropriately informed about the case and its status, and presented all viable options while advising us on the best possible course of action. He respects and sees individuals – not just a client or case. He recognizes that good people sometimes do bad things or make mistakes, but that doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad person. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.

Professional, courteous and compassionate, Anonymous

I was pulled over for failing to signal a turn at a tricky intersection in Bellingham. Although I tried asserting my rights and refused to take their roadside tests, it only got worse. I was pulled out of my vehicle, handcuffed, and driven to jail. It got uglier. I wanted to speak with a private attorney. They gave me 5 minutes and a phone book. After unsuccessfully attempting to contact different attorneys, they threw me in a jail cell. I was charged with DUI, Refusing to Cooperate and Resisting Arrest.

Ziad stepped in when I needed him most. He effectively negotiated my case with the Prosecutors and pointed out the weaknesses of their case against me. I followed Ziad’s recommendations to seek treatment and improve my situation. He always returned my calls promptly and treated me like gold! His staff was attentive, friendly and professional. Ziad navigated my case beautifully. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney in this super tough circumstance.

In the end, Ziad got my DUI substantially reduced to Negligent Driving. My driver’s license was NOT suspended or revoked. I served no additional jail. My court fines were minimal. Because I followed his advice and completed treatment, there was no probation! Finally, Ziad got the Refusing to Cooperate charges dismissed.

I’m SO HAPPY I retained Ziad. He runs a top-notch firm full of compassionate, professional and zealous staff/attorneys. I’m forever grateful for his services. THANK YOU, ZIAD!!!

A Credit to the Profession, Alex

I had a bad experience in Spokane just 2 weeks before, different ticket different lawyer. This experience was so much better. I had my ticket amended to a non moving violation! I had all the paperwork reviewed before I submitted it to Ziad and it was an air tight case so I needed some help getting it amended. I have 2 ticketson my record and I really needed his help. He handled the whole thing in three days, his rates were reasonable and I am breathing much easier and will sleep better.

I am going to drive the speed limit from now on but its nice to have a second chance.

handled my case quickly, with the result I hired him for!, Ian

I used Ziad for a DUI case recently, and put ease to my stress. Him and his team of professionals are personable and professional, and truely care about your future. I would recommend him to anyone in the Puget Sound.

Client, Anonymous

I used Ziad for a DUI case recently, and put ease to my stress. Him and his team of professionals are personable and professional, and truely care about your future. I would recommend him to anyone in the Puget Sound.

Client, Anonymous

I had gotten charged with a DUI. Ziad and the rest of the Traffic Man Team were able to get me a Reckless Driving and probation which i was more than happy with. They are great, made me very comfortable, and they have great relationships with all of the judges and prosecutors. Recommend them 100%!!

Excellent in every way, Anonymous

I’m always happy to send people to Ziad for legal advice and representation. He really knows how to get things done and make his clients happy.

Jas, Anonymous

When I was cited a criminal offense for racing a teen age hellion in a Honda civic down Meridian st. I felt wronged and oppressed! I came to Ziad for help and not only did he provide me with answers and a faith filled promise to right this injustice, he also came through on his pledge promptly and, for what I feel, at very little expense!

Criminal offense? I think NOT!, Kamron

Ziad helped me and several friends appear before the judge for bogus traffic violations. He is courteous, professional, and prompt. It’s amazing he costs so little, by comparison, he’s worth so much!

Excellent Attorney, Anonymous

Mr. Youssef assisted my organization in several legal contracts between workers and my company. He made it a point in the contracts to cover all the basis to protect my organization against any lawsuits or claims that are not just. I was very pleased with his efficiency and work. Look forward to dealing with Mr. Youssef on a personal or business basis in the future. Thank you again, sir!!!

Excellent Lawyer in all facets of LAW

Ziad has all of the above qualities in spades…not to mention a sense of humor! His great lawyering rescued me from quite a mess and I will forever be greatful.

Client Review, Anonymous

I had never had a good experience with a lawyer until I met Mr. Youssef. He treated me with dignity and respect from the minute I walked in his door. He is a very informed and knowledgeable attorney. He knew every law that pertained to me and gave me many options He actually listened to me!!! He always told me what was going on, what would happen next. Thank you Mr. Youssef for your help.

Exceptional Attorney, Anonymous

Ziad took care of a couple of traffic violation for me with no problems.
He also worked on several business related inquiries including contracts, legal letters, supplier negligence and logistical issues we had with our carriers. All resulted in highly favorable results for our company.
I am highly impressed with his ability to extract any piece of information from any document/contract and use it to our advantage.
Ziad is alway on our mind whenever a legal issue needs attention and he is first on our rolodex.

Articulate, smart, detailed, and creative, Anonymous

Ziad has the knowledge and people skills to relay information to and from the courts with amazing grace. I recommend Ziad for any of your representation needs!! In my work with Mr Youssef, he performed in an excellent manor and went above and beyond. I found him to have the utmost integrity and attention to detail. :)

Attention to detail, Anonymous

Ziad has the knowledge and people skills to relay information to and from the courts with amazing grace. I recommend Ziad for any of your representation needs!! In my work with Mr Youssef, he performed in an excellent manor and went above and beyond. I found him to have the utmost integrity and attention to detail. :)

Attention to detail, A. Frost

i recommend Ziad for the outstanding service he provides to his clients. I had a speeding ticket that he took care for me. I did not have to bother knowing and worrying about the details. All i knew is that the charge has been dropped off my driving records. i was definitely pleased with the results.

Speeding service, Anonymous

Great attourney really understands his clients and caters to their specific needs. Best lawyer I have ever worked with.

Very good representation, Anonymous

I Used Ziad as my attorney regarding a DUI charge. During the entire time, Mr. Youssef kept me informed of all proceedings, helped me with my Department of Licensing Review for my driver’s license, which he helped me not loose for 12 months, and ended up waiting until the best deal with the prosecutors was apparent and advised me of the proper deal to take. I was very pleased with the outcome of my misfortunes.

Very Professional & Excellent Results, Anonymous

Ziad is a true professional. Offers insight and acumen consistent with the best attorneys in the industry.

A true professional!, Anonymous

I have retained the legal services of Mr. Ziad I. Youssef on several occasions based from simple traffic tickets, to unfortunate Driving issues, to forwarding lawsuits to Defendants. The outcome has always, to date, been incredible, with either a 100% satisfaction of a WIN or 100% satisfaction of both parties being happy with the outcome. Mr. Youssef is very highly recommended by myself and other patrons that have retained his services.

Excellent Legal Representation and Great Results!, Anonymous

my name is Massaad and i had used Ziad Youssef , to help me win many problems that i got with the law .never can ask for better..

best lawyer in town that i highly requiest, Anonymous

every traffic (speeding) ticket i have received has been dismissed. ziad youssef has an amazing way of comforting you the moment you meet him. there is nothing this man can not do in the court room. i have not met any lawyers that have what he has!

whatcom-skagit #1 top lawyer!!, Anonymous